15 Pieces of Absolutely Stunningly Bad Advice People Often Receive


Most advice we receive is well intended, but it’s astonishing how bad some of it is.

The advice we get is often delivered with good intentions, yet it’s startlingly surprising just how misguided some of it can be. This bad advice comes from antiquated perspectives that fail to keep pace with the times. Other times, it arises from a lack of understanding or knowledge about the subject matter.

No matter what, it’s important to realize when advice is more harmful than helpful and make sure it doesn’t get passed on. It’s important to ignore such advice and actively teach others it is wrong.

Read on for some examples of stunningly bad advice!

It Isn’t Cheating if You’re Not Married

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This claim probably won’t go over so well with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s similar to claims that it doesn’t count if it only happens once or it doesn’t go all the way.

Let Your Depressed Friend Sort Things Out on His/Her Own

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This misguided advice may come from a belief that trying to help may create pressure and make things worse. In reality, ignoring signs of depression or suicidal ideation often ends in tragedy.

“Get Used to It”

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When someone tells you this about some unwelcome or unpleasant development, look for the exits. That person lacks empathy, and things are going to get worse.

For the Best Experience, Please Turn Off Your Ad Blocker

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Um, no. All those annoying ads are why you got an ad blocker in the first place. The more companies use intrusive, obnoxious ads, the more people are going to try to block them. Most people are told they have to turn off their ad blocker to use a site and just go to another site.

You’ll Figure Out Parenting as You Go

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Since no manual covers every imaginable aspect of parenting, there’s some truth to this. However, it’s horrible advice for someone on the fence about taking that step.

Don’t Fight Back

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Whether it’s a stranger attacking you or a domestic violence situation, once things get to the point of physical assault, you’re in danger, maybe lethal danger. Going passive rarely gets the person to stop, and defending yourself might save your life.

Bullies Go Away if You Ignore Them

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They don’t. Ignoring a bully usually means that the bully ramps up the bullying behavior. If physically attacked, defend yourself, and always report bullying to people in authority. Go higher up the chain if you have to.

Vaccines Don’t Work

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Thanks to vaccines, we virtually eradicated diseases like polio and smallpox that used to cripple and kill large numbers of people. Resistance to vaccines in recent years has led to a resurgence of some of those diseases.

Buying a Home Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

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It might be, but timing and market conditions are key, along with your finances. Ask someone who bought a house at peak market in 2007 only to see the Great Recession strike a year later.

Just Get Another Credit Card

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Some people max out credit cards and then just open new accounts. This is terrible financial management, and it leads to staggering debt and not being able to get credit at all.

Life Insurance Is a Waste of Money

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Tell that to your dependents, especially young children. Even if you have no dependents, a small policy can cover your funeral expenses so relatives aren’t’ stuck with them.

Stop Reading So Much; You’ll Hurt Your Eyes!

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In an age where we struggle to get kids off screens and to open books, this is shockingly bad advice. No one was ever worse off for reading more.

Your High School Years Are the Best Time of Your Life

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Maybe they are for some people, but they don’t seem anywhere close to a majority. Many teens struggle through those years for all kinds of reasons, and many adults look back at high school as the worst time of their lives.

If You Keep Trying, You’ll Eventually Succeed

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People who say this mean well, but this advice can be unintentionally cruel. There are massive differences in intelligence and ability out there, and not everyone can do everything. Helping people set realistic goals is a better approach.

You’ll Always Have Your Family

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You probably know someone who’s cut off or been cut off by their family due to political, religious, or other differences. Sadly, this has been on the rise in recent years and shows no signs of reversing.

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