15 of The World’s Greatest Lies


There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Information is often wielded as a weapon and used against the public. Some lies are so colossal that they’re practically universal in our society.

I Have Read the Terms and Conditions

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Has anyone read these things? There isn’t any way for most people to spend the kind of time it would take to read these entire epics. Just click that you did and move on.

Five More Minutes

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When you need “five more minutes,” that may be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Anytime we say we need five more minutes, we know we aren’t being accurate. And when you hear it from others, you know you’re in for a wait.

Working Hard Will Lead To Success

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It’s rare to have success without hard work, but there are plenty of people who work hard and never see it. You can put an enormous amount of effort into something that fails to bring you any success.

I’m Fine

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Often, saying “I’m fine” means the person is pretty far from fine. I’m fine may mean that a person is doing just fine, or it may mean that they’re upset, sad, angry, embarrassed, or irritated.

Trickledown Economics

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This is the idea of helping the wealthiest people and hoping that wealth will trickle down through the economy and eventually get to those who need it most. It hasn’t been found to work well as there is a larger and larger gap between those at the top and those in the middle and bottom.

Your Auto Warranty Is Expiring

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Is there anyone who hasn’t gotten one of these phone calls? They tell you that your warranty is expiring and that they can sell you a new warranty. It’s a pervasive scam that seems to have reached everyone.

God Said to Give Me Money

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The top evangelical leaders aren’t living a humble life and sending every dollar possible to charities. Instead, they live in lavish mansions and have their private planes. They get people to send them money by leveraging the religious beliefs of their followers.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

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If you’ve ever lived in poverty, you know how miserable it could be. To put it simply, having more money can make you happier. You’ll have more choices in life when you have more money, and having that control over your life can lead to happiness.

Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve

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Two weeks. It was all going to be just two weeks, and then we’d all get back to normal life. That was the beginning of massive lockdowns that kept people indoors and away from others for the next two years.

Epstein Ended His Life

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Does anyone believe this? Every single camera was broken, and the guards were asleep? No one is buying this, and we all know about the powerful people who were clients and might want Epstein gone.

Your Call Is Important to Us

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You may hear this countless times while being on hold. If our calls are so important, why don’t you have enough staff members to answer them? It’s all a mystery.

Politicians Are Public Servants

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Politicians are supposed to work for us, but the reality is often quite different. Many are devoted to expanding their wealth as much as they can during their time in office. Most of them seem not to care much about the public that voted for them.

You Might Win the Lottery

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It’s so improbable that you’ll win that the chance of it happening is negligible. Even if you have a system, you’ll lose and be out of the money you spent.

This Is Your Own Business

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When people get recruited into a multi-level marketing company or MLM, they’re generally told that they’re starting their own business. In reality, they’re salespeople for the larger MLM company and have no say in the way the company is run.

Based on a True Story

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Whenever you see that, it’s worth a side-eye. Many movies are very loosely based on the source material, and a lot of liberties are taken with the story. In the end, it may only faintly resemble the true story.

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