6 Things To Buy on Facebook Marketplace If You Want To Score Big


Facebook Marketplace is such an epic (virtual) place if you stop and think about it. It’s kind of like a massive garage sale, except you don’t have to go through tons of riff-raff to find the one thing you are searching for.

You can simply just type whatever it is that you’re looking for into your search bar, and voila, you should get a few options in your area for the thing that you’re searching for. In addition to this, you don’t even have to spend any money on gas or time traveling to find the “Yard sale” signs in your area.

Here, we have listed some of the best buys that one could get from Facebook Marketplace.

Vintage Lamps or Light Fixtures

Chrystal chandelier lamp on the ceiling in Dining room Adjusting the image in a Luxury tone .Decorative elegant vintage and Contemporary interior
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There are many different kinds of lights and their accompanying fixtures available on Facebook Marketplace. They range from pendant lights to chandeliers to table lamps and floor lamps, and it doesn’t end there.

If you’d like to find a unique fixture at a fraction of the cost compared to when buying these items new, then this online option would be your best bet.


Persian carpets and rugs
Image Credit: Natig Aghayev/Shutterstock.


When folks move houses, they may need to get rid of their current rugs as they may no longer have the style or correct dimensions in their new home. This means that there are tons of options and deals to be found on Facebook Marketplace when searching for a rug.

Before any rug purchase, just be sure to verify if there have been any nasty stains or pets near the rugs and if they had a decent cleaning or when the last cleaning was.

Plants and Planters

Young businesswoman sprays plants in flowerpots. Woman caring for house plant. Woman taking care of plants at her home, spraying a plant with pure water from a spray bottle.
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It’s generally advised to avoid picking up plants from the curbside as they may have pest infestations. However, on Facebook Marketplace, people are usually looking to rehome their perfectly healthy plants, which are generally in great condition.

Most of these plants will also be sold with their planters, which is another bonus of using this way to find plants.


Interior of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), an art museum, Midtown Manhattan, New York.
Image Credit: Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock.


Marketplace is a great spot to find anything related to art, including sculptures, prints, and paintings. It’s also great for discovering local artists or art dealers who are looking to downsize their collections.

Be sure to use keywords that include ‘original art’ or ‘signed prints’ so that you’ll get authentic and original pieces.

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage Mirror, vintage furniture decorated in living-room
Image Credit: Atiketta Sangasaeng/Shutterstock.


Mirrors, including antique or vintage, decorative, and even statement mirrors, are also commonplace on Facebook Marketplace. Be sure to check the size before buying any online, though, as looks can be deceiving when looking at pictures online.


Woman reading recipe for simple summer salad in cookbook. Simple healthy food concept
Image Credit: KucherAV/Shutterstock.


If you love cooking good food from scratch, then this one is for you! Cookbooks don’t only offer a whole lot of functionality with their recipes that will hopefully prevent you from frequenting restaurants, but they can also add character, color, or texture to your kitchen.

They are also rampant on Facebook Marketplace, so now you know exactly where to look the next time you need a new cookbook!

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