15 Common Boomer Opinions Non-Boomers Actually Agree With


Boomers often get a rap for being old cranks with outdated views and opinions. That doesn’t mean all their opinions are wrong or behind the times, though. Sometimes, they’re spot on, and plenty of younger people see eye-to-eye with them.

Following are some notable examples.

Young Children Don’t Need Smartphones

Five kids are playing on phone in the playground.
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Before cell phones, kids got by just fine. Buying a smartphone for an elementary-age kid is ridiculous. They’re also incredibly disruptive and distracting in schools.

Refrigerators Don’t Need to Be Connected to the Internet

Beautiful Young Woman Looks inside the Fridge and Takes out Vegetables.
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A refrigerator has one job: keeping things cold. It doesn’t need an internet connection. Whose idea was this?

Knobs, Dials, and Buttons Are Better

Hands on the wheel when driving at high speed from inside the car.
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A lot of newer cars have touch screens for climate control, audio, and more. Why? It’s a pain to figure out and creates more distractions. Simpler is still better for some things.

Pull Up Your Pants!

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One of the worst clothing trends ever was when young males thought it would be cool to wear baggy pants with the waistline drooping well below their waist. It’s probably one of the few things majorities across every generation could agree to banning.

You Don’t Need a Subscription for Everything

Subscription business model concepts.Man hands holding credit card and using laptop or pc.
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Streaming offered welcome relief from cable, where you paid too much for poor service and countless stations you didn’t need. But now it seems that more and more, you need a subscription to access digital content instead of paying for just what you want.

You Also Don’t Need an App for Everything

Google Play Store and Apple App Store icons are seen respectively on a Google Pixel smartphone and an iPhone. App Store duopoly concept.
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Weren’t websites for getting product information and placing orders? Why does every restaurant and store want you to download an app now? Who wants all that clutter on their phone?

Neighborhoods Are Better When They’re Communities

neighbors chatting at the fence, Friendly relationship with neighbours. Young family talking to elderly couple near fence outdoors
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There was a time when, in most neighborhoods, people knew each other, socialized with each other, and helped one another out. Restoring that could put a big dent in the growing incivility afflicting our society.

Nothing Is Built to Last

Stop this. Angry senior man sitting on bench and rising finger.
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Clothes, toys, appliances, electronics, and more seem built to fail, so you have to buy a new one soon. A notable exception is cars, which are now more reliable than they’ve ever been before.

Large Groups of Teenagers Are Best Avoided

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At their best, they’re loud and inconsiderate. At their worst, they’re harassing or criminal. This is something that hasn’t changed through the generations.

You Don’t Need to Respond Right Away

Telephone problem. Upset angry millennial male feel outraged by bad wrong work of smartphone app poor weak wifi signal. Worried nervous young man missed business phone call get too much spam messages
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Just because you have instant access to your phone doesn’t mean you have to reply to a message immediately. There was a time when it could take several hours to receive and return a message, and the world got along perfectly okay.

Get Off My Lawn!

A white dog on leash is squatting on someone's lawn to poop on the grass while the owner holding the leas is waiting nearby. A big sanitary problem and a sign of disrespect in residential neighborhood
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Good neighbors respect boundaries and don’t treat their neighbor’s properties as playgrounds and shortcuts. This is another thing that hasn’t changed over the years.

Social Security Is a Good Thing

USA - SSN - Social Security Card empty.
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Boomers must think so since they’ll fight to the death over any reforms that might affect them. Well, the rest of us would like to have Social Security one day, too!

Handwritten Thank-You Notes Mean More

Thank you note and pen
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No one likes doing this, but your mother or grandmother was right when she made you write them. Short of an in-person thank-you, it’s the best way to show appreciation for someone who took the time to appreciate you.

When With Friends, Engage With Them, Not Your Phone

Group of friends at a restaurant with all people on the table occupied with cellphones
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Have you ever seen a group of friends hanging out or dining together, and everyone’s on their phones? What was the purpose of getting together in the first place?

Real Menus Beat QR Codes

Hand's customer scan QR code for online menu service at table in restaurant.
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Note to restaurant managers: it’s hard to read the screen menus in restaurant lighting; the menus sometimes don’t load, and it’s just plain annoying. It’s especially irritating for people with older phones that don’t have QR code readers. Now, they have to download an app they have no other purpose for.

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