The 15 States Bursting at the Seams With People


Some states have a high population density and many population centers, while others are mostly rural and may have little population. The difference between the top and bottom states in terms of population is enormous.

According to the World Population Review, these are the top 15 states in terms of population.


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The massive state of California is the most populous in the U.S. In 2024, it has 38.88 million residents. It has fallen in population by 0.19% from its 2023 numbers. California alone has about 11.58% of the American population.


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The sheer size of Texas has led to a sizable population as well as a low rate of population density. It has 30.97 million people and a population density of just 119 per square mile.


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With 22.97 million people in 2024 and a 1.62% population gain from the previous year, the state is growing fast. People are heading for milder temperatures from all over the country. It has a high population density of 428 people per square mile.

New York

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The home of the largest city in the country, it’s no wonder that the state of New York has such a large population. It has 19.46 million people as of 2024. Its population makes up 5.8% of the U.S. population.


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Pennsylvania has had a small year-over-year reduction in population of 0.08%. The population of the state is now 12.95 million. This gives it a population density of 289 per square mile.


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With large population centers, the population of this Midwestern state is 12.51 million. Illinois residents make up about 3.73% of the country’s population. The state has a population density of 225.


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Another highly populated Midwest state is Ohio with a 2024 population of 11.81 million. The population has increased by  0.22% over its 2023 numbers. It has a population density of 289.


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The Peach State has a total of 11.14 million people, and it’s growing. In 2024, the state’s population grew by 1.05% over its 2023 population. It’s pretty roomy with its population density of 194.

North Carolina

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The population of North Carolina has grown by 1.29% in 2024 over the previous year. It has a population of 10.97 million and a population density of 226. Since 2010, it has grown by almost 15%.


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This enormous state is home to 10.04 million people. It has a population density of just 178, so residents have that elbow room. The state’s population is growing slowly with a year-over-year increase in 2024 of 0.04%.

New Jersey

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This state isn’t enormous in area, and it has 9.32 million living in it. That gives it a massive population density of 1,267 people per square mile. It’s grown 0.32% since 2023.


Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline.
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Virginia grew by 0.42% from 2023 to 2024. The state has a population of 8.75 million people. It has a mid-range population density with 222 people for each square mile of area.


Tacoma, Washington, USA with Mt. Rainier in the distance on Commencement Bay.
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Washington state is growing slowly, and it currently has 7.84 million people. It’s grown more than 16% since 2010. It has a small population density of just 118 people for each square mile.


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As one of the largest states, it has a relatively low population. It has about 7.49 people and a very low population density of 66 per square mile. It’s grown by almost 1% since 2023.


Memphis, Tennesse, USA downtown cityscape at dusk over Beale Street.
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With 7.2 million, Tennessee is the 15th most populous state. It has several sizable cities and a relatively low population density of 175 per square mile. It’s grown by more than 1% since 2023.

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