15 Safest Countries for Women Traveling Alone


There are a lot of countries that women should avoid if they’re traveling solo. No matter where they go, solo women travelers should stay aware of their surroundings and make sure to take safety precautions. However, some countries are far safer than others, and these can make ideal places to visit alone.


The aerial view of Dubrovnik, a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea, Europe
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Croatia is a stunning country with amazing beach views and great food. It also has ancient sites you can visit. It’s a highly safe country with a very low crime rate, and the people are friendly and helpful. Just avoid secluded places and keep track of your belongings.


Valletta Malta city Skyline, colorful house balcony Malta Valletta city, young woman visit Malta
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This tiny country is very safe, even at night. It has a low crime rate, though tourists could meet pickpockets. Just stay away from deserted areas and the rest of the country is a great place for solo travel.


Palace of Pena in Sintra. Lisbon, Portugal. Travel Europe, holidays in Portugal. Panoramic View Of Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal. Pena National Palace, Sintra, Portugal.
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This country has a rich history and plenty to see, do, and eat. It’s one of the safest countries to visit and has helpful people willing to lend a hand if you need it. Just be a little more careful at night, and stay in tourist areas when possible.


Mt. Fuji with red pagoda in autumn, Fujiyoshida, Japan
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Japan is extremely safe, even for solo women, and even at night. There’s virtually no street harassment of women, and public transportation is impeccable and safe. Crime is highly rare.


Fantastic spring cityscape of Saranda port. Captivating Ioninian seascape. Wonderful evening scene of Albania, Europe. Traveling concept background.
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Albania is very safe for travelers, and that includes women alone. There’s little crime in this country, and the people pride themselves on their friendliness and hospitality. Many people speak English there as well.


Wawel Castle during the Day, Krakow, Poland
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Stay in well-populated areas, and this country is very safe for women alone, even at night. The police have a presence that deters most crime, and street harassment of women is rare. Public transportation is reliable and safe.


Grand palace and Wat phra keaw at sunset Bangkok, Thailand. Beautiful Landmark of Asia. Temple of the Emerald Buddha. landscape of the capital city. view of thailand
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Though it doesn’t have the best safety at night, during the day the country is a nice place for women to travel in. Women should dress modestly and not call attention to themselves. It’s safe to take public transportation, and it’s a reliable way to get around.


Aerial view of the Golden Bridge is lifted by two giant hands in the tourist resort on Ba Na Hill in Da Nang, Vietnam. Ba Na mountain resort is a favorite destination for tourists
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Come for the amazing food; stay for women’s safety. Minor problems like pickpocketing can happen, but otherwise, crime is low, and people are friendly. Locals are respectful to tourists, and that includes women alone.


Brussels, Belgium. Grand Place. Market square surrounded by guild halls.
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This lovely country is known for its chocolate, and it’s highly safe for women, even at night in well-traveled areas. Just avoid the isolated areas and stay aware of who’s around you. Overall, people report this country to be one of the very safest.


Stykkisholmur colorful icelandic houses. Stykkisholmur is a town situated in the western part of Iceland, in the northern part of the Saefellsnes peninsula
Image Credit: Mihai_Andritoiu/Shutterstock.

One of the safest countries in the world, Iceland has a strong respect for women. You won’t have street harassment or have to worry much about petty crime. Women often travel in this country alone, and they find the locals to be friendly. They also widely speak English.


Scenic panorama view of the historic town of Perast at famous Bay of Kotor with blooming flowers on a beautiful sunny day with blue sky and clouds in summer, Montenegro, southern Europe
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It isn’t the best-known European country, but it is one of the safest. Locals are respectful and helpful, though you need to know a little of the local language. It has good infrastructure and safe public transportation.


Historical Thun city and lake Thun with snow covered Bernese Highlands swiss Alps mountains in background, Canton Bern, Switzerland
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As safe as it is beautiful, Switzerland costs a lot to visit, but you can visit on your own without much worry. Locals and authorities are helpful to travelers, and it’s even safe at night in populated areas.


Colorful row houses with towering cathedral in background in the port town of Cobh, County Cork, Ireland
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With some of the lowest crime in Europe, it’s great to travel solo in Ireland. It has safe public transit, and it’s safe to travel alone even at night. Petty crimes are a possibility, but crime is low across the country.


Aerial view of Singapore city at day
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Singapore is known for its high-tech atmosphere as well as its high degree of safety. It’s safe to walk alone at night as well as to take public transportation. There are cameras everywhere, and the authorities are extremely strict on crime.


Amazing nature view with fjord and mountains. Beautiful reflection. Location: Scandinavian Mountains, Norway. Artistic picture. Beauty world. The feeling of complete freedom
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Norway, one of the world’s safest countries, is safe even at night for women traveling solo. There’s virtually no street harassment, and the population values and respects women. Petty crimes exist, but they’re rare.

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