6 Outdated and Overdone Bathroom Design Trends That Are No Longer Trending


One could say that bathrooms are equal parts utility and sanctuary. Virtually, they’re the place where you can light a candle, run a bath, and wind down from a long day. At the same time, it’s the same spot where most of your grooming and getting ready for your day (or bed) happens.

In terms of aesthetics, we do want our bathrooms to feel welcoming and serene, but, at the same time, they need to be functional.

Here, we have compiled a list of bathroom design trends that have already aged badly or are bound to do so soon.

The All-White Bathroom

CHICAGO, IL, USA - JANUARY 27, 2020: An all white master bathroom with black hardware and faucets showing the vanity and shower with the door open. The shower has glass walls/door and beautiful tiles.
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Just in case you missed this memo, all-white bathrooms are on their way out. It may be an easy or classical choice, but some experts have forewarned that white hues have a clinical look, which takes away from the overall bathroom aesthetic and, of course, the coziness of this self-care space. Earthy tones like soft browns or creams may create a more relaxing place for you to start and end your day. For an effortless update, one could opt for natural or warm-hued towels.

Trendy Tiles

Various decorative tiles samples.
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There’s nothing wrong with a good set of bathroom tiles, but the eccentric styles and layouts that have been trending so hard of late may be dated in a couple of years. Perhaps it’s best to consider a more neutral color scheme and tile layout when it comes to installing tiles in your bathroom.

Carpeted Flooring

wooden chair with blue color pillow on carpet in living room.
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We all know how terrible it is to step onto a cold floor when leaving the shower or bathtub. So, we get why bathroom carpeted flooring became popular in the first place. It should be noted, though, that there’s one major flaw with this bathroom installation: hygiene. A tiled floor with an accompanying bathroom rug is a better option for an underfoot feel and will be far easier to clean. This may even be a lot cheaper in the long run, as tiles are far more durable than a built-in carpet.


Modern bathroom interior with wooden decor in eco style.
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Pure minimalistic styles in the bathroom shy away from the cushy, personalized approach that makes bathrooms a self-care sanctuary in the first place. Embrace your own level of color or textile popping to turn your bathroom into a lively haven where you can take it easy and taper off at the end of your day.

Shower Curtains

bathroom curtain closeup at home
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Shower curtains were once nifty in that they potentially added a quirky design; however, today, they look a bit cheap, and if we’re being honest, they have rarely offered us any longevity. To elevate your shower area, all you need is a basic glass frame. It’s that simple to create a refined look for your shower corner.

Wood Panelling

Master bath with wood paneling
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A wood panel in a bathroom can easily reveal a restroom’s age. It may have been a hit pre-2000s, but in today’s bathroom, it doesn’t stand a chance if we want to keep things up to date. Thanks to a cozy edge, this design is okay for other rooms in a house, but let’s rather keep it out of the bathroom.

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