15 Things Dad Taught Us That We Still Use Today


Our dads have a unique way of imparting wisdom that sticks with us throughout our lives. From life lessons to practical advice, here are 15 things Dad taught us that we still use today.

1. Admit When You’re Wrong

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Dad always emphasized the importance of humility. If you’re wrong, admit it and move on – it’s a lesson in honesty and self-improvement.

2. Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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Balance is key. Dad taught us that work is essential but should never consume our entire lives. Prioritize your well-being and family.

3. Work on It Until It’s Fixed

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Persistence pays off. Whether it’s a broken toy or a complex problem, Dad’s advice was clear: keep working on it until it’s resolved.

4. All Work Is Noble

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Dad instilled respect for hard work, no matter the job. Everyone striving to support their family deserves acknowledgment and respect.

5. Accept a Yes Gracefully

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When someone agrees to your request, Dad’s wisdom is simple: don’t overcomplicate it. Accept their answer gracefully and move forward.

6. Surround Yourself With Better People

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Associating with those who inspire you to improve is invaluable. Dad encouraged us to surround ourselves with individuals who push us to be our best.

7. Be the Fun House

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Of course, since he had the “fun house,” he knew best! Creating a welcoming home for your kids and their friends is a way to stay connected and ensure their safety.

8. Show, Don’t Tell

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Dad believed in actions speaking louder than words. Demonstrate your intentions and feelings through your actions.

9. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

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A practical lesson that never fails. Dad’s advice on tightening and loosening screws remains a handy reference.

10. Don’t Break the Law While You’re Breaking the Law

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In challenging situations, Dad cautioned against compromising your values further by breaking the law. Maintain your integrity.

11. Always Say I Love You

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Life is unpredictable. Dad’s reminder to express love at every opportunity ensures meaningful connections with loved ones.

12. Measure Twice, Cut Once

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Precision is key in any task. Dad’s advice in carpentry applies to life – double-check before making important decisions.

13. Every Job Is Temporary

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A sobering realization. Dad taught us that even long-term employment is transitory, emphasizing the importance of adaptability.

14. Everyone Is Replaceable

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More ego-checking wisdom from Dad. No matter your role, remember that others can fill it. Don’t stay out of obligation or arrogance.

15. Bring the Cart Back

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A simple act of responsibility. Dad’s insistence on returning shopping carts teaches accountability and consideration for others.

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