15 Trends That Many of Us Wish Would Just Fade Away


Trends come and go at lightning speed. Some trends are delightful and progressive, while others leave us scratching our heads, wondering why they ever gained popularity in the first place.

Here, we dive into 15 trends that many of us wish would just fade away. From the overuse of subscriptions to the exploitative nature of family vlogs and the obsession with being Instagram perfect, let’s take a closer look at these trends and why they deserve a place on the chopping block.

1. Subscriptions for Just About EVERYTHING

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Subscription services have taken over our lives, and it seems like we’re paying monthly fees for everything under the sun, from streaming platforms to meal kits. The sheer number of subscriptions can be overwhelming, not to mention the financial strain they put on many households. It’s time for a subscription detox!

2. Family Vlogs

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While some family vlogs provide wholesome entertainment, many have been exposed for exploiting their children and crossing ethical boundaries. It’s time to put the brakes on these channels and ensure kids get the privacy and protection they deserve.

3. Buccal Fat Removal

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This cosmetic trend might promise chiseled cheeks, but it comes with potential complications and the risk of looking overly gaunt as you age. It may be time to embrace natural beauty instead of going under the knife for quick fixes.

4. Influencers Endorsing EVERYTHING

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Influencers seem to endorse products all the time, often prioritizing profit over authenticity. We’d love to see more genuine endorsements that reflect personal preferences and values rather than chasing the highest paycheck.

5. The Need to Be Instagram Perfect

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The pressure to maintain an ‘Instagram perfect’ image has led to unrealistic beauty standards and negatively impacted mental health. Let’s celebrate authenticity and diversity instead of airbrushed perfection.

6. Prank Videos

Little boy painting his father's face while he sleeping. April fool's day prank.
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What might be a laugh for some can become a nightmare for others. Harmful and offensive pranks must be put to rest in favor of kinder, more empathetic content.

7. Expensive, Trendy Reusable Cups

Female Worker in Cafe Serving Coffee In Sustainable Reusable Cup
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While eco-friendly initiatives are essential, buying expensive reusable cups just for the trend defeats the purpose. Let’s focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainability without excess.

8. TikTok Challenges

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Not all TikTok challenges are created equal, and some have encouraged dangerous behavior. It’s time to rethink these trends and prioritize safety and responsibility.

9. Child Beauty Pageants

Child beauty pageant winner smiling and holding roses
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Child beauty pageants have long been criticized for their potential harm to children’s self-esteem and well-being. It’s high time we prioritize children’s development over superficial beauty competitions.

10. Rage Bait

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Online platforms are inundated with posts designed solely to provoke anger and arguments. Instead of engaging in these divisive discussions, let’s focus on constructive conversations that promote understanding and unity.

11. Fast Fashion

The environmental costs of fast fashion. The pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion, planetary crisis.
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The fast fashion industry harms the environment, exploits workers, and encourages excessive consumerism. We should opt for sustainable fashion choices that prioritize quality and ethical practices.

12. Politics Being About the Politicians, Instead of the Issues

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Healthy political discourse should focus on solving issues and improving society rather than tearing opponents down for political gain. Let’s shift the narrative towards collaboration and compromise.

13. Gender Reveal Parties

Young excited couple blowing up surprise balloon during gender reveal party indoors
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Gender reveal parties, while initially fun, have often spiraled into extravagant events with environmental consequences. Simpler, more eco-friendly celebrations can replace these over-the-top spectacles.

14. Lip Filler

Lip Augmentation. Woman Getting Beauty Injection For Lips
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The obsession with plump lips has led to a surge in lip filler procedures. Embracing natural beauty and self-acceptance would be a more refreshing trend.

15. AI Images Parading as Art

Seen from behind modern woman with laptop using text to image ai image generator in modern office.
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While AI-generated art can be impressive, it should not replace the creativity and craftsmanship of human artists. We should value and support traditional artistry alongside technological advancements.

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