15 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True


With the amount of information and misinformation available, the line between fact and fiction often blurs, giving rise to conspiracy theories. While many such theories are quickly debunked, a select few have, shockingly, proven to be true.

Here, we share 15 instances where once-dismissed conspiracies were validated, uncovering unsettling truths that challenge our perception of history, governance, and societal institutions.

The UK Postal Software Scandal

Post Office Sign outside a post office in Windsor
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The UK Postal Software Scandal involving the Horizon system unveiled a harrowing tale of technological failure and institutional obstinacy. Hundreds of postmasters were wrongfully accused of theft and fraud due to software glitches misrepresenting financial transactions.

The scandal, initially dismissed as a conspiracy, led to unjust convictions, financial ruin, and personal tragedies. It wasn’t until years of legal battles that the affected individuals were vindicated.

Operation Snow White

Logo of the Church of Scientology National Affairs Office in Washingotn, DC
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Operation Snow White remains one of the most extensive infiltrations of the United States government by a private organization. Orchestrated by the Church of Scientology in the 1970s, the operation aimed to purge unfavorable records about the church and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Initially considered a far-fetched tale, the operation was exposed, leading to numerous indictments and revealing the lengths to which the Church of Scientology would go to protect its image.

Rogue Waves

waves in the ocean
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Once relegated to nautical myths and sailors’ tales, rogue waves—massive, unpredictable oceanic waves—were confirmed in the late 20th century. These maritime monsters, towering over 100 feet, were scientifically proven to exist, overturning centuries of skepticism. The discovery underscored our limited understanding of the ocean’s mysteries.

Gulf War Syndrome

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Gulf War Syndrome encompasses a range of unexplained illnesses reported by veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War. Initially, governmental agencies were skeptical of the veterans’ claims, attributing the symptoms to stress or other non-service-related factors.

However, subsequent investigations acknowledged that these veterans were exposed to hazardous conditions, including chemical weapons, pesticides, and burn pits, validating the reality of their suffering.

Atari Landfill Dump

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The Atari video game burial was a seemingly tall tale, recounting how millions of unsold game cartridges were buried in a New Mexico landfill in the 1980s. Skeptics doubted the story until 2014, when an excavation uncovered the cartridges, confirming the tale. This event not only proved the story true but also was a symbol of the early 80s video game industry crash.

Project MKUltra

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Project MKUltra, the CIA’s covert mind-control and chemical interrogation research program, started in the early 1950s and was officially halted in 1973. The project involved experiments on unwitting American and Canadian citizens, testing substances like LSD for mind control purposes.

Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the project’s existence was confirmed through investigations, shedding light on Cold War-era espionage tactics.

Sexual Abuse and Cover-Ups in the Catholic Church

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Allegations of widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and subsequent cover-ups by the hierarchy were long regarded with skepticism. However, investigations and survivor testimonies have confirmed that such abuses were not only real but also systematically concealed, leading to a global scandal that rocked the foundation of one of the world’s largest religious institutions.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

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The Tuskegee Syphilis Study conducted between 1932 and 1972, involved the withholding of syphilis treatment from African American men without their informed consent to study the progression of the disease.

The unethical nature of the study and its racial targeting were initially ignored or denied until public outrage led to its cessation and a reevaluation of ethical standards in medical research.

Canadian Indian Residential School System Tragedy

Native Indian
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The Canadian Indian Residential School System, designed to assimilate Indigenous children, was responsible for widespread abuse and cultural erosion. For decades, the devastating impact of these schools was minimized or ignored until survivors began to speak out, leading to a national reckoning with the consequences of these policies and acknowledgment of the cultural genocide.

Epstein’s Island Scandal

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Jeffrey Epstein’s illicit activities on his private island were long the subject of speculation, dismissed by some as conspiracy. However, investigations revealed a disturbing network of sexual abuse and trafficking, implicating influential figures across various industries and proving the rumors to be a grim reality.

Indian Health Service Native American Sterilization

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Reports of involuntary sterilizations of Native American women by the Indian Health Service during the 1960s and 1970s were initially met with disbelief. However, investigations confirmed that these procedures were indeed conducted, often without proper consent, uncovering a dark chapter in the history of systemic racism and reproductive rights violations.

The Holocaust

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The Holocaust, Nazi Germany’s systematic genocide of six million Jews and millions of others, was so horrific that some initially doubted its extent. Many people could not believe it was actually true at first. It is one of the most thoroughly documented genocides, with overwhelming evidence and survivor testimonies debunking any denial of its occurrence.


St. Louis, Missouri, USA downtown cityscape on the river at dusk.
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The Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis, once a symbol of modern urban development, became a case study in architectural failure and social engineering. The theory that its downfall resulted from deliberate policy decisions rather than mere architectural flaws gained credibility, showing the interplay between urban planning, social policy, and racial segregation.

Operation Northwoods

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Operation Northwoods, a proposed plan by the U.S. Department of Defense to stage acts of terrorism on American soil to justify military intervention in Cuba, was once dismissed as unthinkable. Declassified documents later proved their existence, revealing the lengths government entities might go to manipulate public opinion and foreign policy.

Operation Sea-Spray

A US Navy ship departs San Diego Bay for the Pacific Ocean.
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In 1950, the U.S. Navy conducted a secret biological warfare experiment, Operation Sea-Spray, spraying Serratia marcescens bacteria over San Francisco to test its dispersal patterns. Initially denied, the operation’s existence and its link to subsequent infections were eventually acknowledged, underscoring concerns over the ethics of government-sanctioned experiments on the public.

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