6 Ways Frugal People Save More Money On Everyday Items


Pretty much everyone has been feeling the pinch since post-covid inflation skyrocketed. Everything is just so incredibly expensive now, and people are feeling the pinch more and more. Every day, expenses are going up, big expenses are skyrocketing (housing and healthcare, we are looking at you), and the only thing that hasn’t increased is our paychecks.

With subscriptions becoming increasingly common, even items that we feel like we “own” have payments, and cutting down on our monthly bills is getting harder and harder. Saving money is not as easy as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean that we can still try to save as much money as we possibly can.

So, with costs going up and pay staying the same, that means that more of our money is going missing! Of course, there are many ways to remedy this, and that starts with paying less for the purchases you make. Here is a list of all the ways you can spend less money on the things you have to spend money on.

Here are some of the ways that frugal people get the things they pay for a bit cheaper.

Opt for Sales and Discounted Items

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Every supermarket has some kind of sale going on at some point in time. If they have a discount on something that’s nonperishable and you may not need it now but know you can make good use of it at some point in the future, then why not snap it up for a rainy day?

You never know when that can of beans is gonna come in handy. The same goes for clothes that you may not need this season, but you can see yourself wearing them when the appropriate season comes around.

Sign Up for Newsletters

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Most retailers nowadays offer a 10-20% discount if customers sign up for their email newsletters. It’s kind of like a welcome token, so make sure you look out for this the next time you are new to signing up for a store. This is mostly true for online stores. To avoid receiving all their spam by email, ensure that you unsubscribe shortly after.

Take Advantage of Online Discount Codes

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If you search online for a specific store’s promo codes, you may just get lucky and find some special offers. Do note that there may, however, be a minimum amount to spend, but hey, a 15% discount is a 15% discount! Don’t forget to check out all the cashback sites and coupon apps that can sometimes get you some money off your purchases.

Buy Second-Hand

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Did you know that second-hand cars, bicycles, toys, books, furniture, and other homeware items can serve the same purpose as new ones? The best part is that almost everything we need to get by in our daily lives can be bought second, and usually for a fraction of the price compared to a brand-new one.

Of course, before buying something second-hand, it would be crucial to assess the state of the thing you want to buy to ensure that it’s in good condition for you to use.

Time to Get Creative

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If you want to pay less for things, it means you’re going to need to get creative. By that, we mean that before you make any purchase, you should do some research to determine if you could get whatever you’re buying for a lower price elsewhere. If you practice this enough, then bargain hunting will very soon become second nature to you.


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Haggling is not only for old ladies! But if the thought of haggling makes you nervous, then perhaps a good place to start would be with your phone company. If you have a contract renewal coming up, then you could tell them that you’re leaving if they don’t drop the price.

To aid your argument, you could get quotes from other companies with lower prices for comparison. The same goes for car and home insurance! The prices you pay every month are not fixed unless you just leave them be.

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