6 Ways to Make Your Home Homier the Hygge Way This Spring

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Hygge, that’s hue-gah to you, is the Danish word used to describe the intangible feeling of coziness, and some even say that it’s one of the defining features of Danish culture. The best part about it is that there’s really no wrong or right way of executing it.

Time with family and friends is hygge, a fireplace is hygge, and even candles are hygge too. Creating this cozy feeling in our living spaces doesn’t have to be difficult either, and that’s where we come in. Here are six simple ways to increase the comfort factors in your home.

1. Light a Candle

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One of the fastest and easiest ways to make any room feel cozier is simply by lighting a candle, and most people already have a stash of candles somewhere in their home, waiting to be lit. A flickering light is bound to add an air of ambiance, and it will also illuminate a room without any harsh light. Try it!

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2. Introduce a Bit of Nature

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Another simple way to add a bit of a calm charm to your home is by introducing plants or even plant paraphernalia, such as pinecones or branches, into your indoor spaces. You don’t even have to spend any money if you simply just go for a walk in your backyard or a forest to forage some elements from outside. Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery?

3. Go for Neutral Colors

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Muted colors such as browns, beiges, and even mid-toned greys can do so much to boost the coziness of a space. Neutral tones are easy to warm up or cool down, depending on what elements you pair with them. Besides that, calming colors are personal, so go for whatever color makes you feel at ease.

4. It’s All About Seasonality

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Decorating for any sort of holiday can either seem like a nostalgic pastime or a chore to you, but either way, these minor changes you incorporate are bound to do wonders for your indoor space. It doesn’t even have to be that fancy either; it can either be a bunch of fresh garden flowers in the spring or a holiday wreath over the festive season.

5. Create a Comfy Nook

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Another free and easy hack to make your home more cozy is to install a cozy little nook somewhere. All it takes is rearranging a few furniture pieces into an area where you can cozy up and read a book or sip on a morning coffee. Be sure to include some layers like blankets to finish off the whole look.

6. Bring on the Blankets

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Doesn’t a couch just look so much more inviting with a folded blanket lying over it? This also works with beds, chairs, or ottomans, and if you wanna go one step further, you could even place a stack of blankets somewhere in the corner of a room. To ensure a cozy vibe, it’s best to stick to cushy textures such as wool or faux fur and warm or neutral colors.

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