7 Best Spring Cleaning Tips to Welcome the New Season


There’s nothing quite the same as welcoming the warmer weather after a long and gloomy winter. Perhaps you can welcome spring this year by hopping into spring cleaning. Not only will you feel the therapeutic benefits of sorting out your living space, but you’ll also be left with a freshly updated home that’s ready to embrace the changing seasons.

Here, we have listed some of how you can get started with spring cleaning this year.

Baby Steps

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Spring cleaning may feel like a sprint, but it should rather be treated as a marathon. You also don’t have to feel pressured to get the whole thing done in one day or over one weekend. To lessen the burden, you can start by taking baby steps and tackling only one corner or room of your home at a time.

Schedule Cleaning

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If you’re finding it difficult to get started or you simply don’t even know how to get started, then how about you try setting up a schedule? Begin by scoping out your home to see which areas need the most work, such as the areas that are usually skipped during routine cleaning.

It doesn’t matter so much where you start but if there is a plan in place it can at least make it easier to commence the cleaning.



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It’s been proven that unorganized homes increase stress levels. Besides, the stress combined with the dust cannot be good for anyone’s health, so why not start to ramp up the decluttering during your spring cleaning sessions?

DIY Cleaning Products

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If you’ve run out of cleaning products, then why not make your ones from scratch? They don’t have to be fancy, and you probably already have most of the base ingredients at home in any way. All you need to do is mix about 1 cup of water with roughly 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, and lastly, add a dash of dish soap.

Voila, you have your DIY cleaner. Optionally, you could add some essential oils like peppermint to boost the smell, but that’s not necessary. Baking soda and vinegar also make great cleaners for ovens or surfaces in the kitchen.

Always Work Top to Bottom

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It’s important to start from the top and work your way down. The debris from the top is going to fall to the bottom in any way, which can be cleaned away when reaching the bottom part to clean.

Set A New Tone

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If your living spaces feel dark and heavy, then the best thing to do if you welcome the changing seasons is to brighten them up with fresh spring colors. You can add new colorful throws, pillows, or art. A flower arrangement is another great way to give your living space a spring boost.

Don’t Skip The Kitchen or Bathroom

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These areas should not be skipped as they are high-traffic zones and could also be breeding grounds for bacteria if neglected.

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