7 Home Decor Trends to Try This Year


Sometimes, we all get the urge to try something new with our interior decor. Perhaps you want to do a big makeover or simply just a little something new. Either way, here we have summed up some of the trendiest trends in interior design for this year.

Earth Tones

Warm and cozy interior of living room space with brown sofa, pouf, beige carpet, lamp, mock up poster frame, decoration, plant and coffee table. Cozy home decor.
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All-white bathrooms and kitchens may have been a trend in recent years, but it seems that the new cool kid on the block is earth and neutral tones. If we had to compare white and earth tones, then the first thing that would come to mind is the fact that earth tones offer a lot more character whereas all-white tones may feel somewhat clinical and cold.

Dark and Moody Tones

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This year, another set of colors to add to the ‘it’ color palette is dark and moody hues. Think deep blues, greens, and, if you’re feeling bold, deep reds. These colors have been spotted on a lot of cabinetry and bookshelves and sometimes even on interior walls. Perhaps these colors are risky, but sometimes all we need is a bit of a risk to spice things up. What do you think?


Yellow sofa in the living room
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Minimalism has been trending for several years, but this aesthetic is certainly not for everyone. Minimalistic styles may make a home feel cold and empty over time, and that’s where maximalism can save the day. Maximalism is all about artistic expression by fearlessly mixing colors and textures to make our living spaces come alive.

Vintage Vibes

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Is old becoming new again? Yup, it would appear so! Vintage is back again, and if this is your vibe, then you should be celebrating it. Vintage furniture is a great way to incorporate unique pieces into our homes.

Layered Interiors

Oversize lamp in light living room with yellow drapes, beige sofa and knit blanket
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Layering on style is back in 2024! Layering can come in the form of placing vintage decor pieces with new furniture pieces. An easy way to start laying it is by simply beginning with textiles. It can be as simple as placing a throw blanket on your sofa or bed and adding pillows that coordinate with the throw.

Wall Treatments

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Plain walls are out, and this year, decorated walls are being celebrated. This can come about in the form of wood paneling over a wall or bold wallpaper design. A wall that’s been treated with paneling or wallpaper is bound to invite visual interest in your home. Murals are also effective in giving your walls a quick and easy update.

Nature-Inspired Decor and Design

Cozy bright bedroom with indoor plants. Home interior design
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Bringing the outdoors in has been quite a hot topic of discussion lately. Think eco-friendly materials, lush greenery, and, of course, the aforementioned earth tones. Nature-inspired decor is climbing the ranks in home design, and that’s thanks to the fact that it gives a soothing atmosphere in a room.

These trends add maximalism and enrich the character of a space immensely, so we can’t find any reasons why you shouldn’t look further into it.

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