15 Things That Feel Illegal but Are Actually Perfectly Legal


Life is full of peculiar situations where our instincts often tell us that something just can’t be legal, yet the truth might surprise you. Here are 15 things that might feel illegal but are entirely within the bounds of the law.

1. Editing a Contract

Customer or woman says no or hold on when businessman giving pen for signing a contract.
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Have you ever received a contract you thought needed a few tweaks before signing? You’re in the clear! It’s perfectly legal to edit a contract, sign it, and send it back for the other party’s approval.

2. Light Riding

the Car cabin light
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Driving at night with the cabin lights on in your car might make you feel like a criminal on a covert mission, but there’s no law against it. So go ahead and read that map, or find your missing French fry.

3. Breaking up a Banana Bunch

Raw Organic Bunch of Bananas Ready to Eat
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Don’t want a whole bunch of bananas? Break ’em up! At the grocery store, you can separate bananas to buy just the number you need without fear of breaking any laws.

4. Owning a Flamethrower

A flame thrower being fired
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Surprisingly, in some states in the United States, it’s perfectly legal to own a flamethrower as long as you adhere to specific regulations. Just remember to use it responsibly and safely.

5. Card Counting in the Casino

Casino gambling young man playing blackjack at table with cards and chips. Indoor portrait of gambler with dealer.
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While casinos might not be thrilled about it, card counting is not illegal. It’s just a skillful way to play the odds, though casinos can still ask you to leave if they catch you.

6. Just Laying Around

Lazy young man with bowl of chips watching TV while lying on floor at home.
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Relaxing on your day off, binge-watching your favorite shows, or simply lazing around the house seems like you’re getting away with something. But it’s not illegal – it’s essential for recharging your batteries and maintaining mental well-being.

7. Driving 80 MPH, Even Though It’s The Speed Limit


Hands on the wheel when driving at high speed from inside the car.
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Some highways have surprisingly high speed limits. In Texas, for example, there are stretches with an 80-mph speed limit. Just be sure to stay within the legal limit wherever you are.

8. Eating Grapes While Shopping

Young woman with a fifteen-year-old girl who came to the supermarket for shopping, choose fruits at the counter
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Snacking on grapes while shopping might feel like theft, but it’s not! Stores expect some sampling as part of the shopping experience, so enjoy your grapes without guilt.

9. Gerrymandering

Participant to the Women's March event holds sign referencing voting suppression, gerrymandering while marching on Market street in downtown San Francisco
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Gerrymandering, the practice of manipulating political boundaries for political advantage, is controversial and criticized but legal unless done on racial or discriminatory grounds.

10. Shopping at an Amazon Go Store

An Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington, USA - June 15, 2023. Amazon Go is a chain of convenience stores.
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Walking into an Amazon Go store, grabbing items, and walking out without going through a traditional checkout may seem like shoplifting, but it’s the future of retail. Cameras and sensors track your purchases, and your Amazon account is charged accordingly.

11. Online Sports Betting

Man betting on sports using smartphone and laptop at table, closeup. Bookmaker websites on displays
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With gambling laws changing in many places, online sports betting is legal and regulated in various countries. Just be sure to check the local regulations before placing your bets.

12. Drive Through Daiquiri Shops

Front of Daiquiris and Company daiquiri shop near the Lakefront in New Orleans
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In some states, you can order an alcoholic daiquiri at a drive-through as long as the container is sealed. It’s the convenience of fast food with a twist.

13. Turning Right on Red

Straight or right turn sign with red signal light
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Making that red turn may feel a little illegal. But in many places, making a right turn on a red light after coming to a complete stop is not only legal but encouraged to keep traffic flowing efficiently.

14. Buying Mary Jane, Even Where It’s Legal

Protesters rally in support of the legalization of marijuana in front of The White House in Washington DC
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Although marijuana is legal in several states and countries, it can still feel taboo. As long as you follow local regulations, buying and using it where it’s legalized is perfectly fine.

15. Going Out and About in Pajamas

Beautiful woman waking up in her bed in the bedroom, she is stretching and smiling
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Want to run errands in your comfiest PJs? No problem! While it may not be the most fashion-forward choice, there’s no law against it.

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