20 Areas of Your Home That Need a Spring Clean the Most


As the season changes and the days grow longer, breathing new life into your living space with a thorough spring cleaning can be just what your home needs. While cleaning every nook and cranny might seem overwhelming, focusing on specific areas can make the process more manageable and rewarding.

Here are 20 home areas that could use extra attention during spring cleaning.

Windows and Window Treatments

Portrait of young pretty lady in rubber gloves cleaning window with detergent at home. Lovely millennial housewife keeping her home tidy, happily performing domestic chores, enjoying housework.
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Wash both sides of your windows to let the spring sunshine in. Don’t forget to clean blinds, curtains, and drapes to eliminate accumulated dust and refresh their appearance.

Baseboards and Crown Molding

Young adult woman hand in pink rubber protective glove using blue dry rag and wiping light wooden baseboard surface in room at home.
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Wipe down baseboards and crown molding to remove dust and cobwebs. A clean foundation and elevated features instantly enhance the overall look of a room.

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

A man uses a remote control to turn on a white ceiling fan mounted in a house with wooden ceilings.
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Use a microfiber duster or an extendable pole to clean ceiling fans and light fixtures. Removing dust from these areas improves air quality and prevents dust from spreading.

Kitchen Cabinets

Mugs, cups and plates with blue and white pattern of flowers and onions. All neatly cleaned up in a wooden kitchen cabinet.
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Empty and wipe down the insides of your kitchen cabinets. Take the opportunity to declutter and organize your kitchenware, donating or discarding items you no longer need.

Refrigerator Coils

Dirty coolant tubes and radiating fins at the back of a fridge. Concept for safe cleaning or vacuuming the freezer or fridge from dust and hair.
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Vacuum or dust the coils at the back or underneath your refrigerator. Clean coils improve energy efficiency and prolong the life of your appliance.

Appliance Interiors

Microwave oven; photo in kitchen environment.
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Deep clean the interiors of your appliances, including the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Follow manufacturer guidelines for safe and effective cleaning.

Behind and Under Furniture

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Move furniture to clean behind and underneath. This often-neglected area can accumulate dust and pet hair faster than you think.

Mattresses and Pillows

Comfortable bed with soft white mattress, blanket and pillows indoors
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Vacuum and rotate mattresses, and wash or dry-clean pillow covers. This helps maintain mattress longevity and keeps your bedding fresh.

Vent Covers and Air Vents

Close up horizontal photo of female hand cleaning dirty bathroom fan vent cover with blue sponge
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Remove vent covers and wash them. Use a vacuum attachment to clean air vents, ensuring optimal airflow and air quality.

Showerheads and Faucets

Female hand under the stream of water from the shower head, fixed in the holder, checks the water temperature in the bathroom with blue tiles.
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Descale showerheads by soaking them in vinegar. Clean faucet aerators and handles to prevent mineral buildup.

Toothbrush Holders and Soap Dishes

Holder with toothbrushes, jar of cream and rolled towel on table
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Scrub toothbrush holders and soap dishes to eliminate germs. Replace old toothbrushes and sponges for a fresh start.

Electronic Devices

Woman working at home office hand on keyboard close up
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Wipe down the surfaces of electronic devices like phones, remote controls, and keyboards.

Garbage Bins

Woman putting banana peel in recycling bio bin in the kitchen. Person in the house kitchen separating waste. Different trash can with colorful garbage bags.
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Clean and disinfect both indoor and outdoor garbage bins. A thorough cleaning eliminates odors and prevents the buildup of bacteria.

Shoe Racks and Entryway

Outdoor Shoe Rack and 8 pairs of visitor shoes
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Organize and clean your shoe rack or entryway area. Shake out doormats and replace them if necessary to keep dirt from spreading throughout your home.

Closet Shelves and Drawers

Woman choosing outfit from large wardrobe closet with stylish clothes and home stuff
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Empty and wipe down closet shelves and drawers. Donate or discard clothing items you no longer wear.

Curtain Rods and Tracks

double layer curtains on black rod in living room
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Remove curtains and clean both the rods and tracks. This ensures smooth operation and a polished appearance.

Medicine Cabinet

Aspirin bottle in medicine cabinet.
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Dispose of expired medications and toiletries. Wipe down shelves and organize the contents for easy access.


Home library with arm chair. Clean and modern decoration. Light coming from the window.
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Dust and organize your bookshelves. Consider donating or selling books you no longer want to create space for new reads.

Pet Bedding and Toys

Adorable french bulldog on the lair
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Wash pet bedding and clean toys to create a healthier environment for your furry friends. This also helps control pet odors.

Outdoor Furniture

design and furniture in modern patio
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Clean and prepare outdoor furniture for the warmer months. Wipe down surfaces, wash cushions, and check for any necessary repairs.

Clean and Enjoy Spring

Happy smiling woman cheerfully spreads legs on bicycle on the country road under blossom trees. Spring is comming concept image.
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A thorough spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an exhaustive process. You can efficiently revitalize your home by separating it into specific areas, creating a clean and inviting space for the season ahead. Take it one step at a time, and enjoy the satisfaction of a fresh and spring-clean home once you’re all finished!

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