6 Reasons Why Purchasing Second-Hand Clothes Is Good for the Planet (And for You and Your Wallet)


It’s great to catch a bargain now and then, and when you’re shopping for second-hand clothes, you can get so many good deals all at once. Besides saving you some money, you can also help the planet by reducing your overall carbon footprint.

These aren’t the only benefits of buying clothes second-hand garments. Here, we have listed all the pros of this practice, and hopefully, we can convince you to engage in second-hand shopping more often.

It’s a Lot Cheaper

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This is an obvious one, but of course, you’re going to be paying a lot less for something when you buy it second-hand as opposed to brand-new. You always have to buy at the right place for this, though, as certain vintage clothing stores have become rather expensive lately (thanks to TikTok trends).

Try opting for charity shops, Salvation Army, or Goodwill to get good value for your buck.

You Can Create Quirky Outfits

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Buying your clothes second-hand gives you a chance to create unique and quirky looks since there’s probably only one of the items you are buying, as opposed to fashion outlets that have gazillions of the same thing.

It also seems like fashion has become somewhat homogenous, and a lot of stores today are making the same cut of jeans, etc. But you’re bound to find some unique gems when buying pre-owned clothes!

You’re Helping a Good Cause

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Not only are you preventing more clothes from wounding up in a landfill, but if shopping from a charity store or one of the organizations mentioned above, you’re helping a good cause instead of making the big corporations wealthier.


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By purchasing your clothes second-hand, you reduce clothes waste as you are reusing clothes and reducing clothes consumption. Sadly, we live in a throw-away society, and by simply investing in pre-owned garments, we are lessening the load of things that pile up in landfills.

This could also mean that fewer clothes will be produced if more people can pick up this frugal practice!

New Lease on Life

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When buying second-hand clothes, we give these items a new lease on life. Just because the clothes no longer served a purpose for their previous owners doesn’t mean they automatically have to wind up in the trash.

The same goes for all the times that you donate your old clothes. Despite you being done with your old clothes, they may serve their new owners for years to come.

Reducing the Impact of Fast Fashion

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As soon as a new style makes its way to the public eye, it gains popularity, which causes a spike in consumer demand. When this trend gets tossed a few months later, there’s always another one waiting around the corner, and the cycle repeats.

Due to today’s fast-paced and fast-fashion society, there is so much waste and mass production when it comes to clothing. By buying your clothes second-hand (and avoiding too many trends), you’re mitigating the fast-fashion waste problem, which in turn reduces clothes waste over the long run. Do we need to give you another reason to pick up this thrifty habit?


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