15 Simple Unwritten Rules That Make Life Much Easier


We all go about our daily lives encountering everything from minor annoyances to things that make us shake our heads. Why can’t everyone just follow the rules?! Certain social rules keep life running much more smoothly. Here are 15 unwritten rules to make life easier for yourself and the world around you!

1. Keep Your Playlist to Yourself

Man Disturbing Passengers On Bus Journey With Phone Call
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There’s a time and place for everything, including blasting your favorite tunes. However, public spaces are not that place. Using headphones respects everyone’s right to their own space, ensuring your music doesn’t become someone else’s annoyance.

2. Stay Aware

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Being mindful of your surroundings isn’t just about personal safety; it’s about courtesy, too. Blocking pathways, speaking loudly on the phone in quiet zones, or not paying attention to those waiting to pass can disrupt the flow of communal spaces.

3. Honor Your Debts

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Borrowing money from a friend or colleague can sometimes be unavoidable, but remembering to repay without a reminder is a testament to your integrity. It keeps relationships untainted by financial awkwardness and builds trust.

4. Stay Patient With Customer Service

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Encountering less-than-helpful customer service can be frustrating, but it’s rarely a dead end. A calm request to speak with someone else or a call back can often lead to a resolution rather than arguing with a bad agent.

5. Practice the Golden Rule

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Treating others as you wish to be treated is perhaps the oldest advice in the book, yet it’s always relevant. This principle fosters empathy and respect, building bridges even in the most unlikely places.

6. Laugh With Kindness

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Laughter is a beautiful, infectious reaction, but mocking someone’s laugh can quickly turn joy into shame. Celebrate the differences in how people express happiness instead of making them feel self-conscious.

7. Embrace Being Wrong

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Admitting error is not a sign of weakness but of growth. Recognizing and learning from mistakes enriches your understanding and teaches humility, a quality more valuable than stubbornness.

8. Use Your Manners

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A simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can transform an ordinary exchange into a pleasant interaction. These small words carry the power of appreciation and respect, making the world a slightly better place.

9. Respect Entry and Exit

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Whether it’s an elevator, a bus, or any doorway, waiting for others to exit before entering is basic etiquette. It ensures smooth movement and prevents unnecessary logjams.

10. Keep the Outside Out

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Your home is your sanctuary, and keeping it clean starts with leaving the outdoors at the door. Changing outside clothes before sitting on your bed preserves the cleanliness and comfort of your personal space.

11. Speak of the Present

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Discussing those not present can easily veer into gossip. Conversations are healthier and more constructive when focused on those who can engage and contribute, fostering a more positive and inclusive environment.

12. Follow the Flow

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In shared spaces like sidewalks or hallways, sticking to one side helps everyone move more efficiently. It reduces confusion and collisions, making public navigation more predictable and less stressful.

13. Step Aside to Orient Yourself

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Lost in a busy airport or shopping mall? Step to the side to gather your bearings. This small act of consideration keeps the flow uninterrupted for others and gives you space to figure things out.

14. Respect Food Choices

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Commenting negatively on someone’s food choices is unnecessary and can dampen their enjoyment. Everyone’s palate is different, and embracing this diversity can lead to more harmonious dining experiences.

15. Dispose of Waste Properly

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Littering not only harms the environment but reflects poorly on your character. Taking the extra step to find a trash or recycling bin contributes to the beauty and cleanliness of shared spaces.

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