12 of the Quirkiest Ways People Have Made Money


Money-making endeavors can range from the conventional to the downright bizarre. While many strive for traditional careers, others have taken unconventional income-generating paths.

Here, we delve into 12 of the quirkiest ways people have made money. These offbeat ventures, from reading to parrots to modeling for fantasy book covers, prove that creativity knows no bounds.

1. Pet Story Time

handsome guy holding book while smart pet read it
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Some animal enthusiasts have found an unusual source of income by reading books to their beloved pets. Whether it’s parrots, dogs, or cats, they entertain their furry or feathered friends. While it might seem odd, the joy of keeping company with pets while earning extra cash makes it all worthwhile.

2. Fantasy Book Cover Model

Close-up portrait of a woman hunter with war paint on her cheeks against the backdrop of a wolf face
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Ever seen a fantasy novel with a fierce warrior on the cover? Some people have become fantasy book cover models, posing as mythical heroes with flowing hair and epic weapons. Though not Hollywood stars, they bring these fantastical worlds to life.

3. Currency Conversion

One Hundred Dollars. Portrait of a customer's hand holding US Dollars in one of the money changers. The money amounted to more than a thousand US Dollars
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A few adventurous individuals have tried their luck in currency conversion. They convert their cash into US dollars, wait for favorable exchange rates, and then convert it back into their local currency, making a profit. It’s A risky game, but for some, it pays off.

4. Palm Reading

Palmistry fortune teller reads lines on man hand or palm to tell his future, top view, toned
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At parties and events, some enterprising folks offer palm reading services. While not everyone believes in the mystical, these palm readers make money by entertaining curious guests and providing a glimpse into their futures.

5. Who’s on First

1940s World War II comedian actors of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello (played by Bill Riley and Joe Ziegler) telling jokes at Mid-Atlantic Air Museum World War II Weekend in Reading, PA.
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Nostalgia can be a lucrative business. Some talented performers revive classic vaudeville routines, such as Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First,” for clubs and associations. Audiences pay to relive the humor of yesteryears.

6. Parlor or Online Bingo

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For those with a bit of luck, bingo can be an amusing source of income. Whether played in a traditional parlor or online, winning a few rounds can put extra money in your pocket.

7. Resale Hooks – Flipping Power Tools for Profit

Various Power Tools Laying On Wooden Desk
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Savvy deal hunters have turned the art of finding discounted power tools into a lucrative side hustle. They buy tools on sale, stock up, and then resell them on online marketplaces for a tidy profit.

8. Mall Surveys – The Lost Art of Surveying for Cash

Happy couple asking a survey standing in the street
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In the past, companies paid people to take surveys in shopping malls. While less popular today, this odd job allowed participants to make a few bucks while providing valuable market research.

9. Hand Modeling – Gesturing Their Way to Success

Diamond ring on young lady's hand on black background
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Some individuals with photogenic hands have found work as hand models. They make app gestures for advertisements, showcasing the dexterity and workings of apps and devices.

10. Mobile Recall Cash – Profiting From Product Recalls

The recall list page on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website is seen on a laptop computer.
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When cell phone manufacturers recall phones, opportunistic individuals purchase bundles of these recalled devices on resale markets and sell them back to the manufacturer at a profit. It’s a gamble that sometimes pays off handsomely.

11. Coupon Dropping – Racing to Drop Coupons

Valpak, a company which mails discount coupons to residents from local businesses in the area
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In the past, companies included coupons in product packaging. Workers were paid to stand for hours on assembly lines, dropping coupons into boxes as they sped by. It was a tedious task, but it earned them a paycheck.

12. Gift Wrapping – Wrapping up the Holidays for Others

Woman wrapping gift at white table indoors, closeup
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Not everyone has the time or skill to wrap holiday gifts neatly. Some people hire others to do it, paying for the convenience and a beautifully wrapped present.

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