The 15 Safest States in America


Some states are safer than others, and this is a big influence on where people move. Places with a low level of public safety have a lot of crime, which can prevent the public from wanting to move there and even visit.

There are various types of crime, with violent crime and property crime being highly important to each state’s public safety rating. US News and Reports evaluated the violent and property crime rates in each state based on data from the FBI.


Portland, Maine, USA at Portland Head Light.
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Maine has been rated as the safest state in the country because it’s so low in both property crime and violent crime. It has the lowest violent crime rate in the country and the fourth-best rating for property crime.

New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.
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New Hampshire is rated second best for both violent crime and property crime. It’s a place that people can feel safe in for the most part, though some areas are safer than others.

New Jersey

Aerial panorama of Trenton New Jersey skyline amd state capitol at sunset. Trenton is the capital city of the U.S. state of New Jersey and the county seat of Mercer County.
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It may come as a surprise, but New Jersey on average has very low crime rates. It’s the third best for its crime rates, though it only scores number 19 on a rating of the best states overall.


Burlington, Vermont, USA at Church Street Marketplace.
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This small, picturesque state may be where people go to see the changing leaves in the fall because they know it’s one of the safest states. It has the third-lowest violent crime rate in the nation.


View of the Sawthooth mountains of Idaho in the fall in the evening light.
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Rated third in the country for its low property crime rate, it ranks fifth on the list of the safest states. On the list of the best states overall, it ranks at number three. It’s also a place that’s growing fast and full of opportunities.

Rhode Island

Aerial panorama of Providence skyline and Rhode Island capitol building at dusk. Providence is the capital city of the U.S. state of Rhode Island. Founded in 1636 is one of the oldest cities in USA.
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The smallest state is also one of the safest states. It ranks seventh for both its property crime and violent crime rates and an overall rating of sixth in the country for safety.


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There’s something about New England that makes it a great place to live and visit in safety. Massachusetts has the lowest property crime rate in the country, though it’s 19th for its violent crime rate.


Richmond, Virginia, USA downtown skyline.
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Ranking eighth in public safety overall, it ranks very well for its low violent crime. It’s sixth in the nation for its low violent crime rate, though its property crime safety ranking is 11th in the country.


Hartford, Connecticut.
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New England is doing something right! Connecticut has the fourth lowest violent crime rating among all the states. It has a slightly higher property crime instance, but the state is the ninth best for overall public safety.


Sunny view of the Wyoming State capitol building at Cheyenne, Wyoming
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As a sparsely populated state, there aren’t any major population centers that could raise its average crime rate. The state has the ranking of eighth for its low violent crime and is 16h for its low property crime rate.

West Virginia

West Virginia State Capitol on the Kanawha River in Charleston, West Virginia, USA.
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Though it ranks down at number 46 for the best overall states, it’s safer than most other states. It has a very low rate of property crime and ranks 11th in overall public safety.


Aerial Drone Milwaukee Marina Wisconsin.
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Wisconsin is a great place to live, as evidenced by its ranking as the 8th-best state overall. Part of this ranking comes from its low rate of property crime.

New York

New York City panorama skyline at sunrise. Manhattan office buildings / skysrcapers at the morning. New York City panoramatic shot.
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While New York has a mediocre ranking for violent crime at number 25, it has a surprisingly low rate of property crime. For low property crime, it’s ranked at number 10 in the nation.


Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.
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Kentucky’s low violent crime has made it the 14th safest state in the country. It’s ranked number 11 for low violent crime, though it’s ranked number 20 for its property crime rate.


Downtown Des Moines city skyline cityscape of Iowa and public park in USA at sunset.
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Iowa is ranked as the seventh-best state overall, and part of that is due to its high ranking for safety. It’s 15th for public safety and has relatively low violent crime and property crime numbers.

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