7 Ways to Introduce Sustainability in Your Home, Starting With Your Bathroom


There are several ways to increase the sustainability of one’s home, and seeing as it may be a daunting task, why not tackle one room at a time? If you’re reading this, then perhaps you can get started with your bathroom.

It is, after all, the part of your home where you kickstart almost every day and also the same spot where you wind down every evening after a long day. Here, we have listed some of how you can start introducing eco-friendly practices into your bathroom. It’s all about taking baby steps with these changes, so you don’t have to feel pressured to follow through with all of them.

Opt For Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Young woman with a pile of toilet paper.
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Everybody in America uses toilet paper every single day (or so we hope). This means that it’s probably the bathroom essential that gets replaced the most due to the demand. According to Greenpeace, Americans can save almost 400,000 trees every year if they opt for recycled toilet paper.

That’s a big difference that you’d be making to your carbon footprint if you just implemented the small change of opting for recycled toilet paper!

Reduce Water Usage

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The first step to reducing water usage is simply swapping baths for showers; and if you are already the kinda gal or guy who prefers showers, then perhaps you can try to reduce the time you take to have your shower. Another way to reduce water consumption is by installing a low-flow tap or toilet system.

Swap Disposables for Rewashables and Reusables

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Instead of using cotton wool that only has one application, why not go for washable and reusable bamboo pads?

Opt For Plastic Free Alternatives

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Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to get a plastic-free alternative for your toiletry items. Bamboo toothbrushes can replace plastic ones, shampoo bars can replace plastic shampoo bottles, and bamboo cotton buds can also replace plastic ones.

This is just the beginning of it, but there are so many ways you could swap your plastic items for alternatives that won’t damage the environment in the long run.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Your Bathroom

Eco-friendly natural cleaners made of lemon and baking soda on white wooden table.
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If one takes a deep dive into the list of chemicals in common bathroom cleaning products, one might get a bit of a shock. They cannot be good or necessary, especially when we have so many DIY alternatives that are probably already sitting around in our homes, waiting to be used. For this, vinegar and baking soda may come in handy!

Invest In LED Light Bulbs

Electric LED Lightbulb Change In Light At Home.
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LED light bulbs may have a high starting cost, but they will quickly pay themselves off since they can use up to 70% less energy!

Turn Down the Heat

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If your hot water is currently set at a temperature that requires you to run cold water while showering, then you could benefit from turning water temperature settings down a tad. This can save you money and reduce your overall energy usage over time!

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