5 Way to Create a Garden That Flourishes With Color Year-Round


As you may already know, most gardens only bloom for a select few months of the year, like summer and spring. But did you know that there is something that you can do on your end to make your garden bloom for most months of the year?

Here, we have listed some of the things that you can do to grow a garden that’s blooming mostly year-round.

Look Into Native Plants

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Finding plants that are appropriate for your region is a great way to get started since these types of plants have adapted to your geographical zone and are, therefore, conditioned to survive in your garden almost all year round.

Visit the U.S. Forest Service for more info. You may also visit public gardens and planting or nursery centers at various times of the year to see what’s blooming at which times of the year.

Invest in Perennials that Bloom Year Round

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Yes, perennials may be more pricey than annual plants at first, but they will pay off in the long term as they bloom year after year if taken care of properly. These plants are perfect for creating the backbone of your garden, and when you feel like you need to add some pops of color, you can introduce some annual plants at a later stage.

Introduce Plants That Have Color Through All Seasons

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Vouching for plants that have four seasons of interest is a great choice. For example, shrubs boast beautiful blooms, stunning autumnal color, gorgeous foliage, and lovely textures during winter months. The list of these plants is short, but some examples include serviceberry, Sargent’s cherry, redbud, river birch, and paperbark maple.

Opt For Long-Blooming Plants

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There are a bunch of plants out there that only bloom for a couple of weeks, but plants that bloom for much longer periods also exist, and they may just be the workhorses for gardens to be colorful. These long-bloomers, such as annual salvias and coreopsis, also render consistent food for pollinators, which should aid your garden in becoming a semi-wildlife sanctuary.

Make a Plan for Each Season

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If you want to create a garden with color all year round, it’s helpful to break your garden tasks up by season.

Spring: Make sure your garden is in top-notch shape in early spring so that it will thrive in the upcoming seasons. This means you’d want to clean up any dead plant debris. Spring is also a great time to spend some time mulching your garden beds and start spring planting.

Summer: Capitalize on this season’s weather to plant pops of colorful annuals in the spots where spring plants have stopped blooming. You can also take notes of what worked and what didn’t for the following year.

Fall: Fall is just the best time of year to plant your bulbs for the following spring. These may include tulips, crocus, or daffodils. To add to this, you could incorporate asters or chrysanthemums, which are popular perennials that bloom in the fall.

Winter: Yes, most gardening stays dormant in winter months, but you can still use your time during winter to create your gardening plans for the upcoming seasons. You may also want to use this time to do some developmental pruning on your garden’s trees.

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