6 Ways to “Greenify” Your Kitchen


In today’s day and age, there is an increasing concern for the environment and sustainability. If you’re looking into upping the eco-friendly ways of living in your home, then why not start in your kitchen?

After all, this is one of the parts of a home that receives a lot of traffic and uses a lot of energy and resources. Here, we have curated some of the best ways to introduce a more green lifestyle into your kitchen.

Buy Only Local Ingredients

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If you can, try to purchase your kitchen supplies from sources that are local or nearby. Not only will this guarantee that the food you eat is fresh, but it’ll also cut down on transportation costs and, therefore, greenhouse emissions. As a bonus, you will also be supporting the local community that you are a part of. Do we need to mention another reason to convince you to buy locally?

Cook From Scratch

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One of the best things about cooking from scratch is the fact that you know exactly what’s landing on your plate. When you buy ready-made frozen meals or dine at restaurants or fast-food chains, you have absolutely no way of knowing what you’re allowing to enter your body.

This health aspect is just a bonus of cooking your meals. In terms of sustainability, you will be reducing the associated energy expenditure that goes towards the processing and transportation of food made outside of your home.

Practice Energy-Efficient Cooking

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There are several ways to practice energy-efficient cooking, and you can probably start by simply stopping to preheat your oven when possible. Most often, ovens come to temperature reasonably fast, so unless you’re planning on baking a delicate dessert or cake, skip this step to save energy.

Pressure cookers are another way to reduce energy since they can reduce cooking time by up to 70%. Eating more raw foods and meals like salads is also great for lowering your kitchen’s energy output.

Buy In Bulk

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Buying and cooking your food in bulk is another great way to make your kitchen more green. By buying your food in bulk, you’ll probably save a lot of money, and when cooking your meals in bulk, you’ll not only save time and cleaning chores but also reduce your kitchen’s energy expenditure.

Purchasing your food in bulk also means less packaging and fewer trips to the store. You really can’t go wrong with this method of making your kitchen more green.

Reduce Waste

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To reduce overall waste in the kitchen, you can start by taking your bags when purchasing fresh produce. Also, ensure that you consume all your perishable food in time before it spoils, and if that means you’re going to buy less of it, then so be it.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Appliances

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If you’re about to go shopping for new appliances for your kitchen, then make sure you buy energy-efficient appliances. These types of appliances will usually have a certified sticker to state that they have been approved as energy efficient. Energy-efficient appliances can use anywhere from 10 to 40% less energy compared to conventional appliances. Now, that’s something!

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