A Little Bit About Biophilic Design and How to Incorporate It in Your Home


Biophilia is the notion that describes our adoration of nature and our innate connection to it. Applying biophilic design to your home incorporates elements that enhance air quality, airflow, and overall human health, as natural elements, such as plants and nature, can render these things for us.

Introducing biophilic designs in your home could be done by incorporating plants and natural patterns, as they can enhance visual connections and stimulate a multi-sensory experience. Biophilic designs include bringing the outdoors indoors, and this can be done with plants, sunlight, fresh air, and other natural materials.

Here are some of the simplest ways to undertake Biophilic design.

Bring Outdoors Indoors

Smiling young woman hold pot with Sansevieria plant happy work in indoor garden or cozy home office with different houseplants.
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The simplest way to introduce this concept into your home is to simply add more plants. The more, the better. Plants are a sure way to improve one’s overall health, and they may also purify the air in your home.

Essentially, plants have a multitude of benefits that you’re probably missing out on if you don’t have any plants in your home.

Nature Inspired Decor

Flower on wall art canvas in three parts. Sofa, lamp, plant and table in room interior.
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Artwork not only adds finesse to our indoor spaces, but it can reduce stress, too. To add a biophilic touch, why not add nature-inspired art to your home? It can be in the form of biodiversity print or floral and plant motifs on your furnishings.

There are a variety of ways to get creative with nature-inspired decor and artwork if you do a little digging. It certainly does not have to be limited to actual art, but it can be the act of decorating with feathers, pinecones, logs, and so on.

Bring in the Light

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When we are surrounded by ample light, it has so many benefits for our well-being. Not only does it increase our vitamin D levels, but it may also improve sleep and even ward off seasonal depression. To get more light in your home, simply ditch the drapers where possible.

You could also paint your walls brighter, as lighter hues are better at reflecting natural light. Introducing mirrors is another great way to increase the overall light, as mirrors are also great light reflectors.

Fresh Air

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If it’s not too cold outside, then why not open your windows wide and wait for a few minutes every day? That’s pretty much all it takes to bring in the fresh air indoors from the outside.

Create a Cozy Nook

Cozy place for rest with books and tasty breakfast on windowsill
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Cozy corners, nooks, and alcoves are great spots for you to do some me time practices. Carve this space out for you to come and do reflections, meditations, or just relax. To accentuate a Biophilic vibe, be sure to include some plants or other natural elements, as this will create some more ambiance.

Embrace Earth and Natural Tones

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Natural tones and earth tones are a subtle way to create a more pleasant and calming atmosphere in your home. Think browns, greens, and beiges, as these colors are a lot more soothing and they are bound to create Biophilic vibes in your home as these tones are a lot more natural.

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