10 Best Picks for The Scandinavian Interior Design Vibe


Scandinavian interior design has been popular for decades, and this appeal is primarily due to its timeless charm. The backbone of the Scandi style screams simplicity as well as functionality, and it usually results in an elegant ambiance as well as inviting vibes throughout a home.

Here, we have listed some of the most popular Scandinavian interior styles, so perhaps you can get some ideas for your home or simply just enjoy reveling in the beauty of it all.

Neutral and Light Color Palette

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The core of Scandi-style colors lies in neutral colors. Think whites, beiges, greys, and natural or earth-toned colors. These colors build a calming and serene aura in any living space that holds these colors.

All About Natural Light

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The neutral and light color palettes that we’ve already mentioned go well with natural light. Most designs in Nordic countries take advantage of natural light as it is one of their hottest commodities (for certain months of the year).


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Another mainstay in the Scandinavian interior style is minimalism. Achieving this is usually done through the use of furniture with slick lines and simple shapes. This also leans towards avoiding any furniture pieces that have superfluous or ornate elements. Essentially, minimalism emphasizes practicality that is not only purposeful but also stylish and functional.

Open Shelving

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Open shelving is a great way to create the illusion of spaciousness in a room. Showcasing items on a shelf also creates a visually appealing display, and it may also carry a practical purpose in terms of storage and accessibility. Open shelving also allows for organized and clutter-free spaces if executed well.


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Another hallmark of the Scandi style is high contrast. Imagine an all-white dining room with stark black furniture to create an impactful and dramatic statement. Now, that’s what we call impactful Scandinavian interior design.

Cozy Vibes

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A word associated with Danish culture that gets a lot of attention is Hygge. This buzzword involves enjoying the good things in life with our loved ones by creating and reveling in cozy, warm, and inviting atmospheres in our homes. It’s not only the Danes but also other Scandinavian countries that try to incorporate this philosophy into their homes.

It comes down to creating a cozy ambiance, and it also involves slowing down and enjoying the little things in life, including time with family around a cozy fire.

Warm Wood

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Sepia hues and warm wood tones are very popular in the Scandi style, as these colors can make any room feel bright and sunny without the use of overwhelming colors.

Layered Bedding

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Another skill of the Nordic folk is their ability to layer bedding, which creates welcoming fervor. This can include a blend of wool blankets, linen sheets, and sometimes a small collection of accent pillows.

Small Color Bursts

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Since the Scandinavian style is mostly all about minimalism and neutral tones, the times when they do add color, it usually comes in small pops. Picture a bright living room with neutral colors all around while various artworks introduce sharp color bursts.

Wooden Flooring

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Light-colored wooden flooring creates a sense of warmth and welcoming spaces. It also adds a cozy and natural element to a home and goes really well with the neutral color palette that the Scandi style is going for.

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