The 15 Biggest Scams We Collectively Tolerate for Some Reason


There are a lot of different types of scams, and some we tolerate more as a society. Some scams have been around for so long that we take little notice of them. They’re just there, and we’re used to them. These scams can be found in many different aspects of our lives, and they can result in money lost that didn’t have to be.

Wedding Products

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Anything that you buy for a wedding tends to be overly complicated and very expensive. From save-the-date cards to renting a venue, the cost will be higher if the purchase is for a wedding.

Booking Fees

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Why is there a booking fee if you’re booking a reservation somewhere? Aren’t you already paying for what you’re reserving? It’s a type of junk fee that we all seem to tolerate.

Hospitality Fees

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This is another type of junk fee that we all just go along with. You have to pay to spend the night in a hotel, and then you have to pay a fee for staying in the hotel? Yes. That’s it exactly, and we all just pay for it.

Zero Competition for Internet and Cable

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It’s common for certain areas to have no choice at all in who to do business with for cable or internet service. This is a total scam that leads to these companies charging as much as they want to a trapped populace.

Printer Ink

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Is it rare? There must be a reason behind the steep prices of printer ink. Often, it’s less expensive to just buy a new printer that has ink in it than to buy a new ink cartridge for your existing printer.

College Textbooks

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There’s no good reason behind the cost of college textbooks being so high. Paying $150 to $200 for a book is ridiculous no matter what’s in it. And often, this is the cost just for the digital version.

Eyeglasses Monopoly

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Luxottica is a massive company that owns about 70% of the entire market for eyeglasses. They own the places you go to get your eye exam, and then they own nearly all of the brands in the store. With a monopoly, they can, and do, charge as much as they want.


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Sure, the government says they’ll look into it, but the monopoly this ticket company has is still in full force. If you want tickets to most shows, you have no choice but to pay the exorbitant prices and fees of Ticketmaster.

Funeral Costs

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The funeral industry knows you won’t shop around when a loved one dies, so they charge you as much as possible for what you do get. Then there are unnecessary charges for things like embalming that aren’t needed.


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With the prices of diamonds, you’d think they were rare, but they aren’t. A company called De Beers has a monopoly on them and limits their supply to keep prices as high as possible. They aren’t subject to our anti-trust laws because they aren’t an American company.

Scammy MLMs

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Multi-level marketing companies are highly annoying when your friends try to get you to buy their overpriced junk. They’re pyramid schemes that somehow stay in business despite laws against those types of businesses.

ATM Fees

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When you need to get money out of an ATM, there’s often a fee you have to pay for the privilege of doing so. Why should you pay to retrieve your own money that you’re letting the bank use?

I Promise I Won’t Get Mad

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If you have something bad to tell someone, you might seek this promise from them first. Of course, we all know it’s a scam and that they’ll get mad anyway. Why do we keep doing it?

Unpaid Internships

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These days, there are plenty of paid internships out there, but some companies still offer the unpaid type. We all know they do this to get free labor, but we allow this system to stay in place anyway.


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While many products are simply going up in price, some are being used in a scheme that leaves prices the same. Instead of raising the price, they shrink the actual product so you’re paying the same but getting much less for your money.

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