Downsizing? 8 Things Your Kids Definitely Don’t Want to Inherit


More often than not, we have dizzying arrays of stuff that we have collected over the years, and of that stuff, we have a vague idea of what we plan on passing down to our descendants for them to one day keep in their homes.

It is, however, crucial to assess which of these items your kids are going to want to take on board. Here is a list of things that your children will probably not want to inherit from you one day when the time comes.


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If, by some chance, your grown children end up becoming professors, then perhaps they’d be keen on taking all your books on board, but if not, then they probably won’t. If you feel that your books hold great value, then the best thing to do here is to contact a book hobbyist or antiquarian to see if they may have a use for your books.

Porcelain Figurines and Collector Plates

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We’re sorry to say, but your collections of frogs, dolls, trolls, and whatever porcelain figurines you have in your home hold little to no value. The same goes for collector’s plates. Your best bet for these items would be to donate them to anyone who may find a good use for them.

Antique Furniture

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We hate to break it to you, but your kids probably don’t want the stunning antique furniture sets that have served you so well over the years. You will most likely have to pay someone to get these off of your hands or donate them to an establishment that will take care of taking them out of your home.


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Most youngsters today don’t even own ironing boards, so the chances that they are going to want your hand-embroidered pillowcases, table linens, napkins, and towels are pretty low. You would have more success just donating these items to a costume shop or theater.

Film Projectors, Sewing Machines, and Streamer Trunks

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Unfortunately, streamer trunks from the 19th century are highly abundant, and therefore, they hold little value. Old sewing machines and film projectors also hold nearly no value. These goods will have to be donated to organizations that will find an appropriate use for them.

Silver Plated Objects

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We’re sad to say, but your grown children are not going to spend their spare time polishing silver-plated items. If your silver-plated items are not from Tiffany, Cartier, Christofle, or any such brands, then you’d probably be better off giving them to someone who would appreciate them.

Persian Rugs

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The average Millennial and Generation Z’s aesthetic rarely lends itself to a collection of technicolored Persian rugs. And unless your rug is ultra rare, it may be one of the most challenging things to try and sell. It’s probably best to give your beloved Persian rugs away when the time comes.

Porcelain Dinnerware

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Most grown children may not have the capacity to store four sets of fancy porcelain dinnerware. They may also not find any glory in unpacking and using these sets once a year for a festive holiday or event. These precious collections may also have to be donated, like the aforementioned silverware.

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