6 Fundamental Rules for a Good Kitchen Design


If you like to make the most of the food that you consume from scratch, then you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your kitchen! That means you’re going to want things to be working and functioning best.

Every kitchen is different and has its quirks, but regardless of these differences, there are certain laws for a kitchen’s functionality and beauty to co-exist harmoniously. Here are some golden rules that every kitchen layout needs to have.

A Well-Spaced Work Triangle

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Essentially, the “Work Triangle” consists of the area between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, and according to home designers, this area should allow for convenient and effective circulation. This means that there should be enough space for two cooks at once but not too much that it’s taking too long to get from the stove to the refrigerator per se.

A Social Yet Functional Kitchen

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One could say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend quite a lot of time in them to make our family’s delicious and nutritious meals, so of course, we want these spaces to be inviting. With this in mind, the entertaining and gathering areas in the kitchen should be independent of the aforementioned ‘Work Triangle.’ This ensures that guests can nibble on some snacks or enjoy a beverage while their host is cooking away.

A Smooth Clean Up

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It’s a given that every time you make a meal, you’ll be left with a bit of a mess. To make things easier for you, it’ll help a lot to have the sink, trash can, and dishwasher within proximity of one another. This is almost like the ‘Work Triangle,’ except it’s for the flow of cleaning up after preparing your meals.

Space for Appliances

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Any kitchen layout should always make the correct provisions for power outlets for our beloved electrical appliances such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. Furthermore, if you have a stand mixer, or not to mention a waffle machine or something along those lines, then you’re going to need adequate storage space for these guys.

Good Ventilation

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Since we’re going to be using heat to cook our food, there’s bound to be steam and sometimes even smoke from time to time. This means we’re going to need some sort of an extraction fan to extract all these fumes that get released during the cooking process. If this is not an option then the next best thing would be a window that’s easily accessible.

Correct Door Placement

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Not only is door placement crucial in most rooms of a house, but it- may even be more critical in a kitchen. This is especially true since you have several cupboards and cabinets, a fridge and dishwasher, and who knows what other furniture or appliances you may have with flapping doors.

Of course, some of these operations may overlap in some instances, but it’s important to ensure that none of the overlapping is going to make cooking a living nightmare. The main kitchen door also needs to be installed in such a way that it’s not going to be getting in the way of any other doors.

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