8 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Big Even If It’s Not


One of the most common bedroom decorating issues is probably the smallness of a bedroom. Luckily, there are a bunch of decorating tricks that’ll make your bedroom seem a lot bigger than it is.

Here, we have curated some of the best hacks to ensure you’re maximizing your bedroom space.

Use Vertical Space

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It’s all about thinking about the vertical spaces when you’re dealing with a small room. Yes, you may not have excessive floor space, but that’s why you’ve got to get creative with what you do have, and that’s the vertical space. By using the walls right up to the ceiling, you will render so much space should you choose to introduce some built-in shelves or something of that sort.

Furniture With Legs

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When we choose furniture with legs, it’ll create a roomy, airy feel for our bedrooms. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to have every piece of furniture with legs but at least one or two pieces with some height. If you have the floors and walls exposed, it’ll make your bedroom feel a lot bigger than it is.

Sconces by the Bed

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Bedside lamps have the potential to take up quite a bit of space on our bedside tables, but to remedy this, we can simply replace them with wall sconces. This move will instantly reduce visual clutter near your bed and give the illusion that you have more space in your bedroom.

Ensure Furniture Is Kept to Scale

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Just because you have a small room doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep your furniture small, although it does mean that you’re going to need to incorporate furniture that matches the scale of your space. Just think of how laughable a king-sized bed would look with two tiny nightstands, all because of lack of space and poor planning of furniture sizes.

Light-Toned Hues

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It’s already well known that white makes things look bigger as it draws in more light, so why not utilize this hack for your small bedroom? This doesn’t mean that you have to decorate in all white, but you could perhaps try sticking to a soft and light color palette for your bedroom. Think light shades of gray or even pastel tones if pure white isn’t your groove.

Opt For Thin or No Drapes

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When you have a small room, then natural light should be your room’s best friend. Natural light is a great resource to make any space feel bigger than it is, and that’s why you’d benefit from thin or no drapes to ensure you get the most natural light possible.

Floating Nightstands

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Instead of bulky bedside stands, why not opt for a nifty floating nightstand? These guys allow for plenty of airy room to be revealed, which essentially makes your space feel bigger. This gives the illusion of extra space and still ensures you have some space to rest your lamp or alarm clock.

Alter Rug Placement

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If you have a rug in your small bedroom, then perhaps you could try altering the placement of the rug. Placing the rug next to the foot of the bed can create an elongated illusion, which could trick the eye into seeing more space.

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