8 Items You Should Chuck To Streamline Your Kitchen


Considering that our kitchen is such a high-traffic area, it would be sensible to keep it as decluttered and streamlined as possible so that we can easily cook a meal without feeling like we have to run a marathon.

We spend so much time in our kitchens; they are often the hub of our house. Since we spend so much time there and there are so many chores that take place there (cooking and cleaning!), it makes sense that it often becomes cluttered with all the things we think we need or once used.

But even though we don’t often think of the kitchen as the place that needs the most decluttering (looking at you, garage, and attic), we often do have too much stuff in the kitchen, which can really affect the way you work in the kitchen.

So, that all being said, here are some tips on the things that you should toss when your kitchen is beginning to feel a bit too cluttered.

Small Appliances That No Longer Function Properly

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Yes, we know how tempting it can be to hang on to small appliances that stopped working months ago. We have a hope that perhaps it’ll get fixed down the line, but deep down, we also know that it’s just gathering dust. In any case, it’ll probably be cheaper to just replace it than to get it fixed. Besides, a new replacement will most likely perform a lot better.


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Let’s face it: plasticware in nearly every kitchen almost always piles up to form a nightmare-ish Tupperware cabinet at some point in time. That is unless you regularly keep the items in check. But most people don’t and need constant reminders to do so, so here it is- toss any containers that have lost their lids or lids that have lost their containers, and maybe you can even start thinking about replacing your plasticware with glass. 

Expired Spices

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Sadly, the older spices get, the less flavor they hold. It is therefore recommended to regularly go through your spices to check their best before dates. There’s really no point in keeping ones that have gone past their good date, so if the date has passed, then say goodbye to those spices!

Plastic Bags

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Besides plasticware, plastic bags are another thing that always seems to build up and clutter up the spaces in our kitchens. Yes, plastic bags may be nifty for small trash bags, but how many does one realistically need?

Old, Stained, or Warped Cutting Boards

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All cutting boards start in perfect condition, but over the years, they usually start to deteriorate. You’ll know it’s time to chuck your cutting boards when they’ve got stains or a warped appearance to them.

Rusty Bakeware

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If baking is your vibe, then having decent bakeware must be of great importance. Sadly, baking sheets can easily get rusty or grimy rather quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on them and chuck them when they do. If the burnt marks are no longer coming off of your bakeware items when you give them a good scrub, then perhaps it’s time to toss them.

Expired Food in the Fridge

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Every fridge has a great myriad of sauces and other condiments that don’t get used daily. Sometimes, these items run past their best date, and they get forgotten about in the back of the fridge. It is, therefore, crucial to hunt down any forgotten condiments that may be past their best date and chuck them in the trash.

Cracked or Chipped Dishes

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It may seem like a good idea to hang onto chipped mugs or plates that have slight cracks in them, but the chip or crack is a weak point, and eventually, the dish, glass, or mug will fall apart from this weak zone. It’s best to just throw these faulty items away, and we’re saying this not only for decluttering reasons but also for safety reasons.

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