8 Ingenuous Storage Ideas to Try For People Who Have No Space in Their Home


We all need some storage space to store everything we rack up over the years. Have you used all the storage space in your home? Do you not have any more space to store all your things?

If you can’t get rid of the stuff you have (a good decluttering is always recommended), then don’t worry!  Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of ingenuity to tap into the unknown storage spaces that already exist in our homes.

Check out these clever ways to discover and create more storage in your home.

Extend Shelving or Cabinets Upwards

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By extending the space of your shelves or cabinets upwards, one can easily get an extra few square feet of storage. Here, you could stow linens, cleaning supplies, linens, towels, or other things that you won’t necessarily reach for every day. Be sure to have a stepping stool handy for when you need to access this space.

Behind the Door

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Another hidden storage area that can easily be tapped into is the space behind a door. All you need is a little bit of installation time and a few pieces of hardware. It’s as simple as lodging a few bars and hooks into the back of the door to organize your accessories, jewelry, or even tomorrow’s outfit.

Utilize the Side Space Next to the Fridge

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Everybody has a refrigerator, but we’re pretty sure that only a handful of people are utilizing the space next to the side of the refrigerator. Of course, if you have a built-in fridge, then sorry, this hack is not for you.

Extending a Kitchen Island

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If you have an island in your kitchen, then a simple way to boost the space in your kitchen is by extending the length of the kitchen island. This could be done by adding some extra cabinets that fit in with the island’s dimensions.

Above the Toilets

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It’s a given that most people don’t think about utilizing the space above their toilets. This can be accomplished by simply installing a trio of shelves slightly above the toilet. This space would be ideal for decor or bathroom paraphernalia. Be sure to keep the depth of the shelves shallow to avoid any accidental head bumps.

Beneath the Stairs

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If you have an under-the-stairs closet but you’re too afraid to use it because the space feels too confined, then fear not! Installing some shelves or office organizers can easily make the space feel more orderly, and this would be a perfect hack for you to increase the storage space in your home.

Near the Entry

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There’s no harm in adding a bench or a few hooks to keep the items near your entryway organized and accessible. Placing an oversized basket here is another great way to introduce a large storage space, and since this space isn’t used that much, you can be sure that the basket won’t be getting in anyone’s way.

Within Furniture

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Ensure to purchase furniture that has a hidden storage compartment. A captain’s bed with drawers underneath can easily render the equivalent of an additional dresser, and a coffee table can also hold storage compartments for books or old magazines you haven’t gotten around to checking yet.

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