8 Things Decor Experts Say To Never, Ever Put In The Dining Room


We’ve all been there- the dining room is starting to get full of things that just don’t belong in a dining room at all. This space is strictly for dining and other formal entertainment purposes, so really, it’s best to only have things in this room that’ll add to that.

Here, we have compiled a list of all the things that should never be found in a dining room.


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This should be a given, but sometimes it’s not. No matter how well you try to disguise a television, this device simply doesn’t have a place in any dining room. It should come as no surprise that dining rooms are for dining (hence the name) and entertaining, and unfortunately, televisions don’t add to this.


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Several rooms in a house can host toys, but the dining room just isn’t one of them. It’s easy for kids to get carried away and leave their toys lying around the house, but if you find that they are constantly leaving their toys here, then perhaps they need to get areas that are designated specifically just for toys.

Plastic Storage Units

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When we think of a dining room, we think of entertaining and gathering with family and friends. We don’t exactly picture it as a place for keeping our craft supplies and other stored goods. These things would fare better in a home office or closet.

Pet Crates and Beds

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Animals are wonderful, and they bring so much joy into our lives. And we love them so much for that. However, we shouldn’t leave their beds or crates in the dining room as it takes away from the whole dining room experience. These items would do much better in a lounge or out of sight in a bedroom (if you’d allow them that close).

Backless Benches

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Let’s be honest – backless benches may look nice, but they don’t offer much comfort. If you want to ensure that you, your family, or guests are entirely comfortable when you have them over for a meal, then it’s best to keep backless benches out of the dining room. Rather, opt for regular dining chairs that go with your dining room table.

Family Photos

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There is a time and place for everything and simply put, family photos have no place in the dining room. These guys would be far better off in bedrooms or hallways. If you are deadset on decorating your dining room, then we’d suggest you go for more neutral art or perhaps a mirror.

Expensive Area Rugs

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The dining room is a place to enjoy food and drinks, and that’s why it’s best to keep anything that’s got a large price tag out. We want to enjoy ourselves in a dining room, and the last thing we need is a worry about spilling something on an expensive rug.

Harsh Lighting

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Harsh Lighting gives a clinical look, and unless you plan on doing surgery in the dining room, it’s best to keep lights on a dim level. Soft and warm light hues are good at creating a relaxed atmosphere, and bright lights do the complete opposite!

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