6 Ways to Organize and Declutter A Home


Sometimes, life gets messy, and we all get to a stage where our bedrooms and living spaces need some organization. If you prefer to have things in your home in an orderly fashion, then an organization project can come in handy.

This is especially true if you’ve gotten carried away with life and things have seemingly lost their place. Or perhaps you just feel like ramping up the display arrangement of the things in your home. Either way, here are a few ways in which you can organize and declutter your home.

Adopt Minimalism

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When we have too many things in our bedrooms or other living spaces of our home, then it may feel like a mess, even after we tidy up these areas. Embracing minimalism as a design approach (as well as a lifestyle) is, therefore, one of the best ways to achieve bedroom organization in the long term. There really is no wrong or right way to approach this, but perhaps you can start with simple decor accents and less-is-more furniture.

Undertake One Section at a Time

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Attempting to go through everything all at once may not be the best place to start. Breaking up your mission into small tasks and tackling each task at a time would be a far better approach for organizational success.

Use Bins and Baskets for Decluttering

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The fastest way to declutter any room in your home is by introducing a set of bins or baskets. Bins are best for placing inside your closet, whereas baskets can work anywhere,  depending on their style. These storage containers are bound to declutter your rooms, thereby creating a more organized feel.

Surrender to a Shoe Rack

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For anyone who owns more than five pairs of shoes, shoe racks are made for you. These organizational tools can really come in handy to sort out your shoes, and they come in a plethora of styles, including stackable boxes, door racks, and even free-standing options. The design you pick is not as important as the fact that a shoe rack will create a well-organized and easy-access route to storing your shoes.

Install Hooks

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Another smart way to up the organization of our rooms is by simply installing a number of wall or door hooks. This will guarantee that you have a designated area to hang your coats, hats, purses, bathrobes, or whatever else you can manage to hang on them. Hooks are nifty in that they are easy to install, and they render a nearly seamless option for extra storage.

Introduce a Storage Bench or an Ottoman

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If you have the space and the means for this hack, then why not? Storage benches and ottomans serve as multifunctional containers that can simultaneously offer casual seating. They can be a nifty place to store seasonal jackets, bedding, pillows, and anything that you won’t need to access on the regular.

Benches work well when placed at the foot of a bed or against a wall, and ottomans can pretty much be placed anywhere around your home.

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5 Ways to Easily Declutter Your Home

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Having an organized and decluttered home is important for mental health and a great way to make your life more organized and calmer. You can also sell your extra stuff and make some extra money.

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