Your Guide on How to Start Recycling for Your Household


Reduce-reuse-recycle has been the crux of environmentalism and going green since the world started waking up to become more eco-friendly, but what does it actually mean? Every household nowadays regenerates a lot of trash, and whether that trash wounds up in a landfill somewhere or gets recycled is all up to you.

If you’d like to make a difference in your carbon footprint by recycling more frequently, then read on, as we have outlined a basic guide for the first steps of recycling.

What Is Recycling?

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Recycling is the process of actively collecting waste materials and processing them to be reused rather than ending up in a giant landfill. Essentially, we want to try to keep as much out of the landfills as possible, as they take years and years to break down and release a lot of unwanted toxic chemicals in the process.

First Step

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The first part of the recycling process is to keep items of the same composition grouped. For this step, you may need to purchase some large containers to do so, or you could simply use large boxes to keep items of the same composition together.

For example, you should keep your paper and cardboard together, separated from plastics, which are separated from your glass waste and your separate aluminum waste.

Recycling Paper and Cardboard

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Lucky for you, most curbside recycling programs accept paper and cardboard pickups, but of course, they are expecting you to keep these items grouped and separate from other recyclables. If they don’t accept these papers and cardboard, you could always search for a drop-off location online.

By paper, we mean anything from magazines, catalogs, white paper, office paper, notebooks, envelopes, and you get the picture. Cardboard includes cereal boxes, shipping boxes, moving boxes, and other items composed of cardboard or paper-like material.

Glass Recycling

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Be sure to clean any glass items that you will be recycling for your curbside programs. You should also avoid recycling broken glass and just throw it in the trash instead, as it may pose a safety hazard. Remove metal or plastic lids, too, before adding glass items to your recycling collection.

Plastic Recycling

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Recycling plastic can be tricky as there are so many different types of plastic out there, including rigid, soft, clear, and white, to name a few. Most plastic is nonetheless recyclable, and if you are unsure, then you can visit the EPA website.

Generally, plastic should also be kept clean, and if there are any foil linings in plastic, then it technically can’t be added to your recyclables.

Recycling Aluminum

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Aluminum is a must for recycling as it can be recycled repeatedly. The most common aluminum items to recycle include canned goods, soda cans, paint cans, and aerosol cans. These items should also be cleaned when recycled.

Other Items

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Other articles that are considered to be recyclable include batteries, fabric, clothes, electronics, metal, yard debris, hazardous waste, and tires, to name a few. However, these items are generally not accepted with curbside programs, so you would need to investigate further should you need to recycle them.

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